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on a positive note when something like bank deposits will be taxed as a way to raise money. they don't understand why investors here like you and me aren't more worried that the authorities there are willing to risk bank runs in spain or italy because of this hair-brain scheme. at this stage they would gladly pay for rioters in the streets of cyprus if we can get the media to accentuate today and link cyprus to the rest of europe and the united states, even if the european authority recognize that is the issue is that banks are safe havens for russian laundered money! the short sellers, they would at least pay cash for the numbers to line up. once they get some runs going leads me to the simple conclusion that intellectually short-sellers will do the best to say whatever resolution is arrived at or not arrived at, we have got the dreaded are you ready scheme daddy lehman brothers on our hands! wow. yes, they are envoking lehman. that's what they're doing. why lehman brothers? because you know what? lehman is code for thermal nuclear financial war. it was the line drawn in the sand be
about cyprus and the atm bank lines and the tax scheme where they essentially bang the depositors for money. they violated the sacrosanct compact, i told him, that was meant to protect those deposits. stewart's all about common sense. he didn't think all of that much about the cyprus story. more importantly, he was hoping we wouldn't make too of it on this show because it would blow over since cyprus was a special case that couldn't easily be extrapolated and maybe even rally a little. then i went home after having some breakfast and i set out to study the charts and more on this later and settled in for serious ncaa bracketology while watching the canes play the tar heels. i tried to stay focused on march madness but i began to get bombarded by emails from bears worldwide -- [ shots fired ] brown bears, kodiaks, even koalas, telling me, this is it, jim, this is the big kahuna that i was being way too glib about the confiscation scheme that would rock my world. i knew not to dismiss the darn cyprus situation. i actually bothered to argue back, silly me. first i offered the standar
>> washington raised income taxes on the wealthy. >> boo! >> took the top marginal rate to the astounding 75% and instituted a 2% payroll tax for social security. their goal? they wanted to start trying to balance the budget because the president and treasury secretary were worried about the long term deficit? does that sound familiar? at the exact same time, the fed tightened rates, doing what all the bears say bernanke should do, betting that inflation could rage and rage easily if the fed stayed easy, which is what his critics are saying he should do right now. but when we went down this road in 1937 it sent the economy into an amazing tail spin. causing a recession within a depression. it was an economic calamity that was totally avoidable if the people in power made different, smarter choices. especially the federal reserve. ben bernanke does not want history to repeat itself. he's not going down the path of what the fed did in 1937. he's not stupid. even though that's exactly the path unfortunately that the president and congress are taking. bernanke recognizes that obama and congress
allows pinnacle to usist losses to cancel out the taxes they might owe for profits down the road. the corporate income tax bill will be tiny and nonexistent for years to come. there is another reason they get a higher valuation and that's growth. b&g has been growing sales consistently while pinnacle sales have been flat. the valuation disparity with b&g, let's say pinnacle deserves to trade 1.5 times sale. still a big discount to b&g. it would make this a $30 stock which is 50% higher than the high end of pinnacle's price range. i think $30 is a reasonable tashgt. especially since they are making smart moves. they are cutting costs. management is doing a terrific job. they made a conference call acting like they were a public company. the environment seems to be improving. pinnacle can do another acquisition. the company is paying you to wait to get their house in order with that great dividend. let's not forget, last week ken powell was on the show, he told us food inflation has peaked and competition is less fierce? that could help. pinnacle foods reminds me of long-time "mad
3.9% yield? a heck of a lot better than treasuries after the tax benefits. it's been left behind by the rest of its cohort. i can't believe i'm talking about this one because it's so far behind. i'm talking about one of the great american companies, merck, mrk, the pharmaceuticals giant that's stumbled more times in the last few months than a college kid on st. paddy's day. since early december, the early pharma names have roared. pfizer up 12%, bristol miers up. i'm typical of my eighth anniversary, i somehow got blue ink on my hand. and cell gene jumped 43%. meanwhile, merck has done nothing. it's actually down about 1% over the same period. right now there are reasons merck has underperformed the rest of the ones. in december, the good -- in december, the company got bad clinical trials from a new cholesterol drug that they were working on. and i thought it was going to be a big one, i have to tell you. so merck decided to stop development here in the u.s. and pull the drug overseas where it was already approved. this was one that i thought was just going to be the blockbuster
in to stem the decline with the absolute dumbest plan i had seen, to tax the depositors, the small-time depositors of a country with hot money, perhaps hot laundered money from russia. that's right. the europeans with the help of the imf reminding you just how stupid of the concept of the euro is, how intendable it is to keep your money in a european bank. the moronic plan gave a super reason to go right back into gold. now before i tell you how i think you're going to get still more fantastic chance to buy the precious metal, let me say i don't want to fall prey to the notion what should happen will happen. i think if i had money in the european bank, i would say to heck with it, i'm going put it in an american bank. who needs this worry. i would typically feel that way if i were wealthy and had the ability to wire the money with a key stroke to let's say jpmorgan where i got my money now. even with the revelations, revelations i should add, brought to light by jpmorgan itself. it's so easy to move your money, i can't believe any wealthy person stays in the european banks. you can
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)